Collage exercises

After taking an online class that really helped me think about how I’m using color and composition (and all the elements that contribute to a compelling composition), I’ve started doing nightly collages. This allows me to practice the surprisingly difficult exercise of creating compelling pieces (define that as you will) with some movement, but alsoContinue reading “Collage exercises”

Richard Diebenkorn’s 10 rules

I love learning about other artist’s self-imposed guidelines for making art or living life. It doesn’t matter the discipline. Being a writer as well as a painter, I know that the two art forms share much in common. I’ve also picked up bits of advice that come out of improv and theater, which seem toContinue reading “Richard Diebenkorn’s 10 rules”

What “monopainting” is

I started painting in college. I was a creative writing major who discovered late in my college career that my childhood tendency to draw tanks and spaceships was hinting at a deep desire to make art. What I learned, thanks to my mentor Dale Johnson, was to paint landscapes on canvas. I still love juicy,Continue reading “What “monopainting” is”

Hawthorne on painting

It’s a thin book that I picked up who knows where. Hawthorne on Painting (google books) is comprised of the collected notes of students of Charles Webster Hawthorne, a painter of some renown at the turn of the previous century. Hawthorne’s instructions were intended for beginning students, but they’re quite applicable to a modern artist.Continue reading “Hawthorne on painting”