What’s your big idea?

And would it be bigger or better if you were to develop it in another country, along with a group of people each bringing their own big ideas?

That’s what Startup Abroad purports to do: to gather 14 people for 14 days in an amazing location, all with the goal of working collaboratively to give birth to each participant’s big idea. The image above is the house in Ubud, Bali, where Startup Abroad went in 2012.

At this very moment, another group of 14 are finishing up their 14 days in Matera, Italy. I’d love to know what new businesses and projects come out of this trip. Also, I wonder how the intense, collaborative time with other founders helps to improve the quality and impact of each person’s idea.

A big congratulations to the founder of Startup Abroad, Chelsea Rustrum, for creating such a compelling option for those of us who want to make a splash in life!

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