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What is job security?

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Is job security something that’s given to you? Or can you create it for yourself?┬áIt’s a question worth asking whenever we see large employers shuffling off employees en masse. We’re reminded once again that even with a apparently stable employers, there are no guarantees.

No question about it: big employers are able to pay big salaries and offer big benefits. The true value of, say, an $80k salary is probably twice that amount. In other words, to provide yourself with the equivalent benefits (retirement, healthcare, tuition reimbursement, etc.) after tax, you need to make twice as much as you probably think you do.

However, if you’re a freelancer or small business owner who has a diverse array of clients and customers, you have a form of job security corporate and government(!) employees will ever know. The odds of all your clients firing you at once are next to zero.