A class on how to go solo

So, you want to go solo as a freelancer or consultant? No question about it, having passion and enthusiasm for your area of expertise is critical.

However, there are a few more skills you’ll need to master if you really want to make it as a freelancer or consultant. On Nov. 4, I’ll be teaching a class that gives you an overview of the tradecraft of being a successful solopreneur.

“Chapters” will include:

  • The right way to quit your job
  • Critical steps in setting up your new business
  • Being comfortable being in business
  • Designing a better business model
  • How to position yourself in a crowded market
  • Branding: thinking beyond your logo
  • Creating a powerful sales pitch
  • Considering your service/product mix
  • Pricing your way to success
  • How to do less of the stuff you hate (accounting)
  • Building momentum through partnerships, alliances & joint ventures

This class is the first in a series. In follow-up classes, I will dive deeper into some particular areas, such as positioning and branding, successful proposal writing, how to raise your rates and how to expand your practice.

Eventbrite - Going Solo: Self-Employment & Small Business Fundamentals

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